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Employee Benefits

Doing the right thing to retain the right people.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.”
- Doug Conant, CEO, Campbell’s Soup

Recruiting and retaining individuals who are eager to learn or already skilled and experienced, who have energy and ambition, who can communicate effectively and stay calm when the going gets tough, and who are team players helping others to thrive and achieve their potential is what our clients do, repeatedly.

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Strategy for workplace performance.

As  people-people, your success is our success. The ingredients for this and indeed for your organisation’s profitability is more satisfied, more fulfilled and more productive employees.

At our first meeting, we’ll listen carefully as you describe your employee issues and provide insight to your people and their priorities. We’ll then develop a bespoke benefits strategy that inspires and advances your business to win, both in the workplace and in the marketplace.

A winning team.

We have the skills to provide and consult on employee benefits packages for companies of all sizes in Ireland and abroad.
We understand and appreciate the intricacies of your specific needs, including how to achieve value for money in premiums paid while at the same time implementing a robust benefits package which suits your business needs and one which employees engage with.
We are dedicated to providing the very best service which sits at the very heart of all we do.

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Our personalised approach.

Join Fionán as he introduces Trust Matters' Employee Benefits Solutions. Learn how we tailor personalised packages to elevate your team's well-being and satisfaction.

Start your employee benefits journey.

If you would like to learn more about how Trust Matters can enhance your employee benefits strategy, reach out to us today. Let's shape a brighter future for your team together.

Employee Benefits Services

Explore our Employee Benefits services.

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Group Protection.

Explore our group protection options to safeguard your employees and their families.

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Group Health Insurance.

Find out how our group health insurance plans can benefit your business.

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Retirement Solutions.

We offer a range of retirement solutions to help employees plan for a secure future.