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Retirement Solutions

Safety and security for your people.

Do you know what’s going on in your employees’ lives? The size of your organisation will determine your answer, but it’s safe to say, the larger the organisation the harder it is to stay on top of it.
What we do all know is that life for everyone has become more complex in recent years with physical, social, emotional, family and financial challenges presenting themselves through pandemics, wars, climate-change, political upheaval and more.

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Building a secure future for your team.

Showing your workforce you genuinely care about their well being is key to retention. Well researched and planned retirement solutions are at the heart of this. In essence, you’re not just providing employment, you’re providing a feeling of safety and security, now and in to the future.

We’ve got all the bases to look after your people covered. Depending on their priorities we can help you build effect plans to boost your existing staff policies.

of employers provide retirement benefits.
Pension recommendations - 1. Eligibility: All Empoyees: Auto Enrolment to commence in 2024. 2. Contribution Formula: Staff: 3% to 6% | Sr Mgt 7% to 12%. Employees should be required to to match the employer contribution to a certain level. Important to be ahead of auto-enrolment requirements. 3. Waiting Period: Employees should be eligible to join on the 1st of the month after they join service. 4. Vesting: Employee contributions vest after 2 years in the scheme. 5. Executives: Senior leaders may be better place in an Individual Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)
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Preparing employees for a secure retirement.

Join Fionán Join as he discusses the importance of offering comprehensive retirement solutions and supporting employee financial security.

Retirement Solutions

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Master Trust

Discover the ultimate solution for managing your employees' retirement savings effortlessly through a Master Trust Pension solution. Offering this pension solution demonstrates your commitment to employee financial wellness and to attract top talent. Additionally, Master Trusts simplify administration, offer tax benefits, and empower your workforce to take control of their retirement planning.

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Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs)

Currently, the only legal obligation on you is to offer your employees access to a Pension Solution. As Ireland's simplest pension option, PRSAs meet your legal requirements effortlessly. With recent legislative updates, PRSAs now offer enticing tax benefits and investment diversity, ideal for ambitious business owners and senior professionals planning their retirement journey.

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Due to launch at the start of 2025, auto-enrolment will ensure employees, not currently saving for retirement, are automatically enrolled in the Government Auto-Enrolment pension scheme thus encouraging long-term savings and retirement planning. Employees already participating in your Pension solution will be exempt from being included in it, once certain criteria are met.

Start your employee retirement journey.

If you would like to learn more about how Trust Matters can work with you to plan your employees retirement, contact us today.

Employee Benefits Services

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Group Protection.

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Group Health Insurance.

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