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Financial Planning
Business Advisory
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Business Advisory.

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Working for yourself, but never by yourself.

Running your own business can be a lonely place. After all, who helps the helper when big decisions need to be made?
We do! We love problem solving and have a full suite of business advisory services available to support you as you grow your company.

3 reasons you might need Business Advisory services.

You may not have an executive peer working in your organisation with whom you can develop strategies, discuss ideas and make important decisions.

You (hopefully) acknowledge that you don’t know everything and do not have all the answers to, for example, your competitive landscape, business strategies, operational challenges, tax legislation or market opportunities.

You are extremely busy and pressed for the time it takes to thoroughly research strategic decisions.

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The importance of Business Advisory

As entrepreneur himself, Andrew explains how Trust Matters can help you navigate the challenges that go with being self-employed.

Business Advisory services for you.

We’re here to help you develop and implement strategies that promote sustainability, expansion and stability. Depending on your specific needs, we can offer guidance and insights on the advantages of the following business advisory services:

Tax Planning

Tax planning is vital for your financial security. After understanding your needs and goals, we partner with our tax advisors to ensure compliance with tax laws while minimising liabilities. Our services cover:

  • Business and personal tax advisory
  • Succession planning for retirement
  • Dealing with Revenue interventions
  • Capital acquisition tax strategies
  • Construction taxes
  • Employee share option schemes

We also offer guidance on wealth transfer to secure your legacy, providing tailored advice on tax reliefs and structuring opportunities. Take control of your financial future and protect your legacy with confidence.

Estate Planning

Secure your legacy by managing your wealth strategically. We'll help you understand how your financial growth impacts your family's future, reducing inheritance tax and minimising stress. Our tax relief and structuring options include:

  1. Utilising Section 72 Whole of Life insurance.
  2. Setting up Section 73 monthly Savings/Investment Policies to reduce Gift Tax.
  3. Establishing a Bare Trust for gifting assets, with a yearly limit of €3,000, ensuring your beneficiaries' entitlement.
  4. Buying agricultural land for leasing.*

*Please note that investing in property is not an activity regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and Mamcol Limited (t/a Trust Matters) does not advise on investing in property. Mamcol Limited is not a tax advisor and references to tax treatment here are not specific to individual circumstances; you should seek personal tax advice if the information on this page is of interest. This page is for information purposes only. It is not investment advice or a recommendation to pursue a specific course of action.

Business Exit Planning

The aim is to maximise value and minimise risks for your departure from your business. It involves assessing your personal and financial goals, evaluating the business, and implementing strategies for sale, transfer, or succession.

Entrepreneurs Relief

Entrepreneur's Relief offers a reduced Capital Gains Tax (CGT) rate of 10% on qualifying business asset sales or shares in a trading company, up to €1 million over the owner's lifetime. To qualify, you must have owned the business or shares for at least three years and meet specific involvement criteria. This relief aims to stimulate your entrepreneurship and business growth by rewarding you for your investment and hard work.

Retirement Relief

If you’re planning your second life, Retirement Relief offers tax benefits by reducing or exempting Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the sale of qualifying business assets or shares. To qualify, you must be aged 55 or older and have owned the assets for a specified period. This relief supports retirement planning by easing the tax burden on asset disposal, promoting business continuity, and facilitating succession planning.

Business Relief

Business Relief provides favourable tax treatment for transferring certain business assets or shares within families. This relief allows reduced Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), or inheritance tax, for eligible transfers such as shares in family-owned companies, partnership interests, or certain agricultural property. To qualify, both transferor and transferee must meet criteria, and assets must be used for qualifying business purposes. This Relief aims to aid family business continuity and growth by lessening the tax burden on asset transfers to the next generation.

Agricultural Relief

Qualifying individuals can reduce Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), or inheritance tax, on farmland or farm asset transfers. To qualify, both transferor and transferee must meet criteria, and the property must be used for agricultural purposes for a specified period. This relief aims to sustain family farms and the agricultural sector by easing tax burdens on intergenerational transfers.

Rental Agreements

Before you take on a rental property, we will assess it to determine the value of the investment. We will help you review lease terms, advise on tax implications, integrate the property into your long-term financial plan, manage risks, and provide investment guidance to optimise returns, ensuring your decisions align with your financial goals.

Legal Services

As part of the Taney Advisory Group (TAG) you have instant access to legal services that offer support in estate planning, asset protection, tax strategies, business structuring, contract review, compliance, and dispute resolution. With this expertise and guidance on site, we can help you navigate complexities and safeguard your financial well-being.

Mortgage Services

As part of the Taney Advisory Group (TAG) you have instant access to mortgage services. We can assist with your financial assessment and our on-site experts can provide information on loan options, affordability analysis, pre-approval, long-term planning, tax implications, and refinancing strategies. Together we navigate the complexities of home ownership, ensuring your mortgage aligns with your financial goals.

Start your Business Advisory journey.

If you would like to learn more about how Trust Matters can work with you as your business advisory, contact us today.

Financial Planning Services

Explore more of our Financial Planning services.

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Retirement Planning

The goal of retirement planning is to ensure you maintain your desired standard of living throughout your life. We can help you plan both pre- and post-retirement in a way that encompasses all aspects of a your financial well-being and is personalised to your unique circumstances.

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Sometimes the unexpected happens. Incorporating protection into financial plans is not only sensible, it is crucial to safeguard against the unpredictability of life. We have the right cover to protect you and those you care about most in the event of a serious illness or death.

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Savings and Investments

We help grow your wealth steadily over time in a manner that is bespoke and specific to you. To do this we assess your appetite for risk, along with your capacity for it by looking at a range of variables such as your age and stage, goals and objectives, current financial position and view on investing.