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Financial Planning
Savings and Investments.
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Savings and Investments.

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Plan to prosper.

Our goal is to grow your wealth steadily over time in a manner that is bespoke and specific to you.

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To do this we assess your appetite for risk, along with your capacity for it by looking at a range of variables such as your age and stage, and your own views on investing. We consider your financial position, investment goals and objectives, liquidity needs, your current assets and your attitude to risk.
While we advise you to take a long term view and stick to the plan, we review your portfolio on an ongoing basis so you will be notified of any new opportunities or changes to your investments immediately.

A smart, simple and secure approach.

The key to prosperity is diversification and patience. We study the data and then diversify your portfolio across a broad range of funds and investments to secure your wealth for the long term.
Your investment portfolio will be spread across different funds and fund managers, different investment styles, different asset classes, multiple life companies, geographical regions and industries.
You want balance, and risk versus reward is crucial when planning for the various stages of your future, ie. the short, medium and long term.
The process can be complex but we’ll keep it simple and transparent in our communication to you. We ensure you see where the return is coming from and are in control of your finances at all times. If you want to get your money out at any stage, we’ll make it happen.

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The importance of Savings and Investments.

Join Andrew as he explains why savings and investments are essential components to ensure your financial stability for the long-term.

Your Investment guide.

Your hard earned money can be invested in a number of different investment products, depending on your own personal attitude to risk. Some of these include:

Investment Bonds

Typically a lump sum investment into one or a combination of assets such as stocks and shares, bonds, property, cash and alternatives. The term can be as long or as short as you need it to be but we recommend a minimum investment timeframe of 5 years.

Corporate Investment

Corporate investing is the smart way to put your business' extra money or profits to work, rather than just leaving it sitting in a bank account or taking it out as income. We advise you on how take out extra cash from your company in a tax-friendly manner, especially if you don't plan to use it right away as income.


Regular saving normally starts with a specific savings goal in mind. Depending on the timeframe of that objective, we can recommend a tailor-made savings policy to suit your needs. An ideal alternative to the current low-yielding bank interest rates, regular savings plans typically invest in a unit-linked savings plan and can be as high / low risk as you want / need it to be.


Deposits offer a secure way to store cash and earn interest, with the benefit of deposit insurance and easy access. However, their interest rates may be low, so exploring other investment options for long-term growth is important. Diversifying deposits across institutions or accounts can also enhance returns while preserving liquidity and security.

Bare Trust

A Bare Trust is a simple legal setup where a trustee holds assets for a named beneficiary, who has immediate and complete access to both the capital and income. The trustee's role is usually limited to managing the assets according to the beneficiary's instructions. Bare Trusts are commonly used for gifting assets to children tax free or for basic asset management.

Share Purchase

Share purchase is buying a company's shares, making you a shareholder with ownership rights. This can happen through stock markets, IPOs, or direct purchases from shareholders or the company. It offers investors the chance for capital growth and dividends based on the company's performance.

Bespoke Investments

We create personalised investment solutions tailored to your needs, objectives, and financial situation. Unlike standard products, our bespoke investments cover various assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, and private equity. This approach aims to maximise returns and minimise risks, offering a customized solution aligned with your preferences and goals.


The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) is an Irish government program encouraging investment in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As a participant you can receive tax relief of between 20% - 50% on your investment, appealing if you are looking to support and potentially profit from Irish businesses. This initiative aims to stimulate economic growth, foster entrepreneurship, and create job opportunities by providing funding for eligible SMEs.

Start your investment journey.

If you would like to learn more about how Trust Matters can work with you to plan your Investments, contact us today.

Financial Planning Services

Explore more of our Financial Planning services.

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Retirement Planning

The goal of retirement planning is to ensure you maintain your desired standard of living throughout your life. We can help you plan both pre- and post-retirement in a way that encompasses all aspects of a your financial well-being and is personalised to your unique circumstances.

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Sometimes the unexpected happens. Incorporating protection into financial plans is not only sensible, it is crucial to safeguard against the unpredictability of life. We have the right cover to protect you and those you care about most in the event of a serious illness or death.

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Business Advisory

We love problem solving and have a full suite of business advisory services available to support you as they grow your company. These range from asset protection and entrepreneurial relief to tax compliance and formulating exit strategies and succession planning.