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Giving Back

A tree for nature, a tree for the climate, and a tree for you.

We’re a young, growing business who greatly appreciate our clients’ continued support and trust in our services. And as a token of our gratitude and as a commitment to making a positive impact on the environment, we entered into a partnership with the Tree Council of Ireland, (Comhairle Crann na hÉireann) to plant a tree in the name of each and every client, now and into the future.

Trust Matters aibf award of excellence.
A man and a woman plant a tree in a field.
A man and a woman plant a tree in a field.
A hand on some moss.
A man and a woman walk through a field.

The Problem.

Human-induced climate change is a global issue that is starting to become more and more apparent in many parts of the world. Glaciers and ice sheets are shrinking, plant and animal geographic ranges are diminishing, and plants and trees are blooming sooner. Climate change catastrophes are rarely out of the news with increasing levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide enhancing the natural greenhouse effect and accelerating irreversible changes in the climate.

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Our Efforts.

We have accelerated our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling our waste, reducing our energy output on heating and lighting, and shutting down PCs in the evening. We’ve installed an electric vehicle charging point and we’re using recycled paper manufactured in a sustainable facility. We’ve done this because, like many of our clients, we understand the need to mitigate global warming as much as we can and as soon as we can.

With this initiative we are in process of creating a woodland to help towards the global effort to mitigate climate change. While this is a small gesture in the overall scheme of things, it aligns closely with our values and is an important commitment for our team.

Our aim is to plant a tree for every new client going forward so that as we grow our business, this forest grows to provide rich nourishment for the soil in the area and becomes a breeding ground for wildlife.

Award of Excellence For Outstanding Contribution To The Environment.

Elaine Carroll - All-Ireland Business Foundation

Join Elaine Carroll from the All-Ireland Business Foundation as she presents Trust Matters with the Award of Excellence for Outstanding Contribution To The Environment. Experience the company's dedication to innovation, trustworthiness, and customer-centric values, highlighting their positive impact on the community.

A Ballymacarbry Resident's Perspective.

Loughlin Kiely - Local Resident

In this interview, local resident of Ballymacarbry, Loughlin Kiely, shares concerns about potential development challenges on a once-unified holding. As a resident he was pleased to hear that the Tree Council acquired the land for afforestation, emphasizing the importance of both state and private investment in environmental initiatives. He encourages more companies to follow in Trust Matters' steps.

Partnering for Reforestation: Tree Council of Ireland & Trust Matters.

Brendan Fitzsimmons - CEO, Tree Council of Ireland

Brendan Fitzsimmons, CEO of Tree Council of Ireland, discusses the importance of planting trees as he unveils a recent 22-acre reforestation project in Ballymacarbry, Co. Waterford. Discover the remarkable benefits of native tree planting, from carbon capture to biodiversity enrichment. Supported by sponsors like Trust Matters, witness the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Location of the trees.

We plant trees in the thriving village of Ballymacarbry, in northwest Co. Waterford. This land was acquired by the Tree Council to develop a community forest on the site which means that, in time, you can visit your tree.

Types of trees.

The land is currently lacking in biodiversity due to constant grazing. To help improve this we plant about 15 types of native trees; a mix of oak, birch, alder and scots pine.
Native trees are mainly broadleaved species and, depending on site conditions, are planted at a density of between 1,000 and 1,600 per acre (2,500 to 5,000per ha). As part of our tree planting project old streams will be restored and extensive wetland work will take place.

Two women walk through a field.
A road map of Ballymacarby.
Two women and a man under a tree.
A man speaking in a field.
A dog in a field.
Trust Matters aibf award of excellence.
A man in a jacket smiling.
Two women and a man walking through a field.
Two women and a man laughing in a field.
An aibf award.