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Employee Benefits
Group Health Insurance
Private Medical Insurance
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Private Medical Insurance.

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Safeguard a health partnership with your people.

Show that you understand the needs of people and their wellbeing with a pro-active health plan to cover common health issues and procedures.
The main providers we partner with are VHI, Laya and Irish Life Health. Our range of plans help keep your employees and often their families fit and healthy for life.

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Prioritising team well-being with health plans.

Join Fionán as he discusses prioritising your team's well-being with our proactive health plans. Covering common health issues, our plans help to ensure the well-being of your employees and their families.

Group Health Insurance Services

Explore more Group Health Insurance services.

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Dental Insurance

Explore our Group Dental Plan, offering valuable care for employees and their families. With the flexibility to increase coverage at their own cost, it's a unique benefit that sets you apart in the competitive market.

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Vision Insurance

An essential addition for one in four Irish families. Beyond maintaining productivity, it helps catch early signs of health issues through comprehensive eye tests. Take a step towards a healthier future for your team.

Start your employees' private medical insurance journey.

If you would like to learn more about how Trust Matters can work with you in planning private medical insurance for your employees, contact us today.

Employee Benefits Services

Explore more Employee Benefits services.

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Group Protection.

Explore our group protection options to safeguard your employees and their families.

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Retirement Solutions.

We offer a range of retirement solutions to help employees plan for a secure future.